Developed the world's first large-capacity precipitation type anode-free lithium-ion battery
세계 최초 대용량 석출형 Anode-Free 리튬이온배터리 개발

"Anode-Free X-series" 

Anode-Free X-1 Battery


Anode-Free X-2 Battery


Anode-Free X-3 Battery


AFLMBs does not require an aging process.

Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries(AFLMBs)

- Liquid electrolyte lithium is deposited as lithium metal in copper foil when the battery is charged.


Core Technology
- Cathode Active Material Proprietary Technology:
   NCMA( NCM811-based technology)
- Proprietary Technology for Deposition Type Electrolyte
- Ceramic Coating Liquid Proprietary Technology

Core Technology
- No active material is used for the anode
 (Graphite, MCMB, CNT, Si, SiC, LTO, etc...)
- No conductive material is used for the anode

AFLMBs Skill difficulty


Including electrolyte technology

Positive active material: NCM811 (NCMA) 30%
Negative active material: None 0%
Separator: 20% dedicated separator
Electrolyte: 20% dedicated electrolyte
Additive: Electrolyte additive 30%

10000mAh(10A) USB Power Bank (Anode-Free X-3 model battery)

Charging Test model: Samsung Note 8 (3300mAh)

 2 USB terminals.
 Wireless charging support.

5000mAh(5A) USB Power Bank (Anode-Free X-2 model battery)

Charging Test model: Samsung Note 4 (3220mAh)

Anode-Free X-2 model AFLMBs transparent battery

Anode-Free X-2 model AFLMBs battery

Nail penetration test

Anode-Free X-1 type battery nail penetration test

Anode-Free X-2 type battery nail penetration test

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Anode-Free X-3 Battery

Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries(AFLMBs)

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